A customized design is sewn onto fabric using a multi-needle, computerized embroidery machine. The machine uses a hooping and framing system to hold the fabric taut and secure beneath the sewing needles, and a digitized embroidery design is sewn onto the material.

Heat Transfer

A digitized design is printed on special release paper using an ink jet or laser printer. The design from the paper is then heat pressed onto the item, permanently securing the design.


A digitized design is printed on a special release paper using a sublimation printer which contains special ink gels or dyes. The design is then heat pressed onto any polyester fabric or any other item that has been treated with a special polymer coating, such as ceramic, glass or metal. Through the heat press process the ink turns into a gas which permanently embeds the color and design into the polyester fabric or any other polymer coated item.

Promotional Products

Promotional Products are items that are emblazoned with a name, logo and contact information given out to promote a product or service. These items include, but are not limited to, pens, mugs, calendars, key chains, tote bags, et cetera.


Rhinestones are artificial gems with facets that sparkle in imitation of diamonds. A design can be made up and put on a special transfer sheet and then heat pressed or the stones can be individually placed and affixed with a special heat wand.